Isolation Book Club

2017-05-25 17.07.22
Dead Cat Bounce by my friend Kev can be bought here.

A break in our regularly scheduled service: the rest of the world is in lockdown and we’re not far behind, as far as I can see. Plenty of folk are already worried, with fair cause.

I don’t think we need to panic, but the hope is by ‘over-reacting’ now, we’ll slow the spread for long enough for scientists to do their thing. We still need human interaction though, so how about signing up to my Isolation Book Club?

It’s pretty free and easy. We’ll decide on a book to read. We’ll read it. We’ll chat about it on the group, then in person, online, over Skype (or some other video-conferencing option – I’m a newbie with this sort of thing!). Make friends, do something fun, support an author, stay in your home.

You’ll need Facebook to join the group chat but if you prefer to just stick to the Skype meeting that’s totally okay too. You can contact me by email to let me know and I’ll send out a note when we’ve decided on a book and first meeting time.

The last time I made a book club, in 2017, it was so successful that everybody stopped reading the books and just chatted about our lives instead. We disbanded the book club but stayed pals. I think that’s a success.

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