The good folks at charity:water are amazing. They work hard, they use 100% of donations to provide clean water where it’s needed most, and they use funds from other sources to cover admin and fundraising costs. In 2013 I ran all year to raise funds for them and ended up with a hefty amount, but I’ve always wanted to do more.

This year I turn 29. It’s not a big birthday. It’s barely a birthday. I’ve been looking forward to being 30  and you had better believe those celebration plans are already in motion, but I didn’t want this year’s day to go by with yet another whack of pointless Facebook messages or joke birthday cards. I want it to count.

Which is why I’ve unbirthdayed myself. I’m not having a birthday this year (though I might have a beer in the sunshine on Sunday just because!). I’m giving it to charity:water. I’ve asked all my friends and family to please donate to the cause instead of wishing me a Happy Birthday or buying me a present or a pint.

Knowing that people are going to have access to clean water for the first time ever, leading to health, hygiene, education, women’s rights, and free time, among other amazing benefits, is the best ever birthday present I could be given.

Please donate here.



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