Travel plans, 2016

I’m in Bahrain, and it has been wonderful. For two weeks I have been mooching about my family home, doing a little work, running, and seeing friends. I’ve been swimming, and watching Doctor Who with my brother, and it’s all been lovely. I remain here over the next month, and on Thursday 7th January, I … More Travel plans, 2016

Moving On

I’m so pleased that I finally get to come clean and share my plans for the next little while. A few select people have been privy to the information as we’ve set everything in motion, but we have tried to keep it quiet as I didn’t want anybody at my workplace to hear it from … More Moving On

Travel Cat

I’ve always wanted a cat. I was the child running off to cuddle mangy strays and feeding the next-door neighbour’s Persians. Growing up as an expat, though, my parents (very wisely) would not let us adopt one of our own. It’s cruel to them if you have to leave at short notice, they said. They … More Travel Cat

Stirling Cycle Hen

My bridesmaids ended up giving me an excellent hen party but when I found out it wouldn’t start until 5.30pm I was a little bummed. I had thought we’d spend the day doing something fun and then meet all the other women later on for dinner and drinks. So, in true Jemma-fashion, I made up … More Stirling Cycle Hen